Risk Management

This week we went over risk management. It is a topic that is actually kinda nerve racking for me. These situations occur where risk management has to be involved because an injury that could’ve been prevented occurred. It’s sad for the patient to have something like this occur. We went over a scenario  where a patient had burns occur, but in the scenario I did not see anyone at fault. The nurse did what she was suppose to do and it’s hard to say if the security staff did what they were suppose to do. But knowing this I think a change in policy should still occur in this scenario so that future injuries do not occur.

While I was a resident student we had risk management team come talk to us about what they do and how they can help up. I think that we hear risk management and get nervous but the team did give us encouraging words about how they can help us in situations. I think that I can apply this in my career because I can learn to utilize the risk management team appropriately and get them involved with patients early on so that injury or risk doesn’t occur. 

The semester is coming to an end. I have one more journal after this. It’s bitter sweet because I will be graduating after these courses. It is coming time to apply what I have learned in these bachelors courses and work toward a leadership position. 

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