Conflict Resolution 

This week we reviewed conflict resolution and what to do in those situations. After discussion with my group we reviewed definitions of conflict, assertive communication and aggressive communication. We gave examples of each. My group had some great examples of each and one of them was how on units nurses can approach changes they do not like or agree with with assertive communication with managers versus having aggressive communication and nothing being resolved. On units, employees should communicate concerns they are having but also approach how they discuss it in a manner that will help the situation. We also gave good examples on how to deal with the situations: Start communication early on, setting up a meeting between conflicting parties to discuss the issues. Finding a good time and safe place to discuss the issues. Listen to each sides story and being an active listener. Work toward an agreement that works for everyone. 

This week I watched “The Guardian”, I must say I did cry! I knew something bad was going to happen and that I shouldn’t cry but when Senior Chief died I couldn’t handle it. I ended up crying. This movie gave some good examples of conflict between Senior Chief and Goldfish. They did not get along in the beginning but they actually had much in common. They both had lost their team and they both did not know how to deal with the loss that they were going through. They were about to talk about it and help each other cope. By goldfish getting stuck in the boat he helped senior chief move past the fears/flash backs he kept having in water and go save him. He chose saving goldfish instead of both of them dying. That takes huge selflessness. 

Another activity we had this week was bargaining in a situation when you are negotiating with employees. It looks like most of us had close to 12-13%. After rolling the die we rolled a 4 or 5. Which dropped our percentage a little. We had a net gain for 3 years of $9,000-$12,000. After reading everyones discussion posts. It seems that we each did not realize about union bargaining and how that plays out in bargaining situations. A lot comes with bargaining and it does take strategic planning, forethought  and a leader who knows what they are doing for the bargaining to be beneficial to employees and for the employer to not lose to much money. 

I can apply what I learned this week by making sure I handle conflicts in there right way. I do not like conflict and it makes me nervous so working on my communication skills in conflict situations will help me as a grow in leadership. 

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