Managing Change

For this week I chose to interview Enrique Garcia, small business owner of G&L Diesel LLC. Here is the questions my team came up with regarding budgets. 

  1. What actions are completed if a budget is exceeded? I have to review what happened and why I went over budget. I then review what can be cut for the following month so that I don’t go over my budget.
  2. How do you divide funds between departments?  I don’t have much departments, I have my gas funds, parts funds, and a couple other funds. I have reviewed multiple times how much I spend in parts so that I could develop a budget. When I started my own business I did not have a budget until I realized how much money I was spending and I could see where I was spending the most money.
  3. What is the hardest thing when it comes to sticking to the budget? Its remembering I have a budget and I need to review my funds before I make a big purchase.
  4. Do you have a part of your budget that is consistently over budget? No I usually can stick to my budget pretty well, the only time that gets interrupted is when clients don’t pay me which doesn’t occur frequently
  5. What is usually the first area you look at when making budget cuts? If I cut budget in this area will it just cause me to go over budget in another area
  6. Do you consult with departments before making cuts to their budget?  And/or is there anyone you consult with before making budget cuts? I don’t have departments or others to consult with so this doesn’t apply to me
  7. How often do you adjust your budget? Quarterly I review my accounts and how I am doing
  8. Do you give any incentives to staff members for meeting the budget?  If yes, what? If not, what is used to motivate staff to hit the budget? Does not apply to me
  9. When planning a budget for a department or your organization, what percentage do you usually allocate for employees’ salaries? Does not apply to me
  10. What would you say most companies struggle with when budgeting? I think trying to stay on that budget and when many employees are involved that makes the budget harder to manage.


This week we also reviewed managing change. Change is part of our lives on a regular. Just this week I had to manage the change we are being faced with working at Utah Valley and moving to the new hospital. We are prepping for the move and what it will be like. We are training in the new building on how to manage codes and the layout. It’s hard to think we will be in a new building and trying to adapt to that change. After reading my groups posts we all seem to be on the same page about how it is hard for us to accept change right way. I usually have a hard time in the beginning when dealing with change. I have to really talk myself into accepting why the change will be better. I sometimes tend to overanalyze the change that may be occurring and am not always reluctant to the change. So that is something that I am working on now so that adapting to change doesn’t come so hard especially in my work life. I want to be prepared for change and move forward as quickly as possible. I am an ICU nurse and change occurs left and right when it comes to patient care so I want to make sure I can adapt to those changes and be ready. 

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