Career Development and Staffing

This week I had the chance to really think through what I want of my future career in nursing. I thought through what I wanted and I have been debating if I want to persue Nurse Practitioner. I decided I do want to because of the hours that will be ideal once I start a family. I am getting married next year and starting to have kids will be a couple years after that. I love bedside nursing but we all know bedside nursing is changing. It is not the patient focused care we had before. Charting is taking so much time away from the bedside that nurses are rushed and cannot sit and just talk with patients like they once could. That being said I am wanting to continue my education after my two year mark in the ICU. That will be in January 2020. Many of my co workers have done programs online so that would be the route that I am going to look into. 

This week I also learned about staffing and the different staffing methods in different units. My unit is testing the self schedule technique that the UVH ER uses. We are having a hard time with it and its just a testing schedule. Many people have their schedules and don’t want change. We are already moving to a new building so I think many are holding on to anything we can. I don’t mind the self schedule it just sucks for me because I will get the last of the pickings. A friend of mine who works in the ER says that she sometimes works one or twice a week because she didn’t have any shifts to sign up for that week. But the following week she works 5 shifts because she had to make up the week before. Being a 50/50 schedule person who just gets the left overs now, I am looking forward to a set schedule. I think it would be hard to be a schedule person. I think it works best if the schedule person is designated to the schedule and has the time to improve and work on the schedule. On my unit the scheduler is also a charge nurse and works regular shifts plus does the CCT schedule and RN schedule. We tend to find many mistakes and if any issue is brought up she gets frustrated. This usually is because of her busy schedule which I understand. That is why I think that the person who does the schedule should be able to devote all the hours she needs to the schedule. 

I will apply this to my career by suggesting changes to how we do the schedule. I also will work toward the goals that I have made in my career development and making sure to stick to a plan to achieve these goals.

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