Future of Nursing

This week we watched a video talking about the plan for the future of nursing. It was an interesting presentation to watch because the different points that were brought up. The future of health care were making quality, compassionate, and patient-centered care accessible to diverse populations. All healthcare workers work in collaborative work. Intentionally promoting wellness and primary care and preventative care being a huge part of healthcare. Nurses would not have limitation on providing care they are capable of giving. Like the example she shared, many states do not let nurses practice to the full capability they are trained to perform, these states set limitations on nursing practice. The goals are: having nursing practice to their full extent that the education and training permits them. Nurses should get higher levels of education and have an opportunity to continue through that education smoothly. The next goal is for nurses to be considered partners with physicals and others of the health care team. Not being viewed as minority to doctors but being viewed as equals and opinions being viewed equally and taken into consideration the same. Lastly getting more data to improve the treatments given and policy making. 

I think that I learned quiet  a bit from the lecture and I want to apply it in my nursing career by trying to pursue my education. I want to be a leader of nursing and be able to encourage other nurses to pursue that. Nurses have so much to offer as leaders and on helping build other nurses. Taking those ideas that we develop from being on the bedside and expanding it to build our healthcare system and build the hospitals that we work in. We can provide better patient centered care. 

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