Budgeting Week 7

For this week we worked on budgeting and figuring out how to make cuts on a budget for a med/surg unit.  This actually turned out to be harder than I expected. But first, I interviewed Jeanie Vasquez, a manager at Fusion BPO Services PVT. Here is the interview on Firing/Disciplining Employees. 

1. What is the number one reason you fire someone?
Because of the inconsistency in completing tasks and/or being to work on time
2. How many chances or warnings do you usually give someone before terminating them?
Twice, on the third time the employee is let go
3. What are your steps of discipling an employee? What do you start with and if that doesn’t work what are your next steps?
Warning is the first step, the second is a written warning as well as coming up with a plan to prevent future occurrence. The following time then the employee is terminated
4. Who else is usually involved in the firing process of an employee? HR, team lead of the person being fired and myself
5. Do you consult with other people before firing or disciplining an employee? If yes, who? I consult with other employees as well as HR to see if this is the right decision. Team leads are usually the first to be consulted with because they work more frequently with the employees.
6. Do you offer severance pay or any compensation for employees when they are fired? If yes, are there any circumstances where you wouldn’t offer anything? Not that I know of.
7. Does HR have to be contacted a certain period of time before firing an employee? Not a certain period of time, but we do notify them so that they are present or involved in documentation of the termination
8. Is it common for an HR employee or other management to be in the meeting when firing an employee?
Yes, I like to have an HR employee with me so they can witness the conversation and it can be recorded that protocol was followed during the firing
9. What is the most difficult aspect of having to discipline/fire an individual? I become friends with some of these employees and so it’s hard when you have to fire someone you have gotten to know
10. When having to discipline/fire an employee, do you find it hard to separate your personal feelings for that employee from the task at hand? Yes I do find it hard because I think about their personal life that I know of and how this could affect them. I get to know some employees more closely when I work with team leads and having to fire them makes it hard to not feel bad if they cry or something.

This week I learned about how budgeting works and how being in a leadership role can mean working on enforcing a budget or making budget cuts. I know that many of the meeting I have went to for work, my manager brings up how we are under budget or close to budget on something and how we have to be cautious with it. The beginning of each year consists of brining up how we must work on meeting budget requirements and if we are under budget at the end of the year, our manager will buy us pizza for day shift and night shift on a a night. Working in a leadership position where budget has to be thought of would be very hard for me. During the assignment this week I had to spend a lot of time analyzing the budget chart and trying to first understand how to be able to make cuts when reading the chart and then come up with reasons why. It was hard to figure out what is important and what can be cut. 

I can apply this to my nursing career by being conscientious of the budgets that as nurses we are trying to maintain and how my part can influence the budget by being an example to other nurses and remind them to also be conscientious. I can also be empathetic to my manager and how much he is already dealing with as a leader and how he also has to focus on the money portion of healthcare not just the patient care. This week for sure was an eye opener for me how complicated budgeting could be and that is not even having to apply the hundreds of employees that the budget effect and trying to put the budget into effect. 

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