Ethics related to Leadership

For my interview this week I chose to interview Laura Torres, one of the HR employees at Centro de La Familia de Utah. This is the interview:

  1. How much impact does an employee’s performance appraisal interview have on their potential future raises and/or bonuses? Not much 
  2. Before you conduct a performance appraisal, do you ever get feedback from their fellow co-workers on the type of employee they are?  If so, how do you choose which co-workers to talk to? Yes
  3. Is there accountability on the part of management for their efforts in helping the employee improve? In other words, do you ask the employee how you could have better helped them improve their quality of work? Yes, we will provide professional development if needed .
  4. If you are at odds with an employee regarding your opinion of their performance vs their opinion of their performance, what ways have you found to appropriately address your concerns without just totally disregarding their feelings/opinion?  with my experience I’ve noticed that talking about the positive feedback has been the best way to start the conversation and then of course bring up the negative where they’re lacking/failing not necessary let them know that they’re not doing a good job but to encourage them that there’s always room to grow/ improve and set some goals and deadlines  schedule a follow up  review
  5. Do you do all performance appraisals interview yourself or do you have other leaders on your staff perform some of them? If you do them all yourself do you involve your other leaders in other ways to help with the process? No, We have different supervisors that provides supervision in different departments so they will conduct the annual performance review.
  6. How often do you do performance appraisals with your employees? Why do you choose to do them this often?   Annually, I don’t know it’s been like that since I have known 
  7. How long do your performance appraisal interviews usually go? Between 30 minutes an hour and it depends on the performance review if it’s more positive it goes by fast but if there some feedback that we need to follow up with employee it might be a longer discussion.
  8. How much impact does fellow co-workers opinions have on the employees evaluation? it’s a big impact 
  9. What kinds of questions/topics do you focus on when doing a performance appraisal interview? The performance review is based a lot on their job description and also the feedback of the supervisors and the role they have in the agency for example A teachers position and role and their tasks will be different from a bus driver position their role in their task and will use their job description to use as a guide to follow up if they’re doing what they’re expected to do.
  10. Do you have the same set of questions and/or topics for each employee?  Or do you make the interview unique for each person you interview?  They are all different do to there position

After talking with Laura, I learned that the job description that you receive when you first start your job does have an impact on expectation of how you perform. I also think that we don’t realize the opinion of others does matter and that our actions and how we get along with others is being evaluated all the time. Also in any job, we are a team with our co workers and we must show we are team workers and so if we are having many employees complain about us then it must be something with our performance and attitudes. I thought it was interesting how Laura stated that she tries not to just point out flaws of a person she makes it more of a positive interaction so that she can state that there is improvement in that area but not pointing out all the flaws. She then comes up with an idea on how to improve with a timeline  so that they can re-evaluate after a certain amount of time. Working with the employees on how to improve but making it  a positive experience is something that can keep encouraging employees and make them less afraid of performance appraisals. 

Each week I continue to be challenged in my thinking when it comes to leadership. When I think of performance reviews I think of the anxiety I get  and worried about what my employer may say. Changing my mentality this week, I had to think in the perspective of what I am looking for in a performance review but I also had to think of how I would want to conduct it to make it a positive experience. I also was challenged in my thinking regarding ethics and ethics committees. I have seen how ethics committees can have an impact in the care of a patient. The ethics committee did not believe that the care was ethical for the patient and continuing life was not ethical. I agreed during this time because I could se how much suffering the patient was going through but the family would not let her speak for herself. They continued making decisions even when she could no longer do it. 

The team activities this week helped in making me think beyond my own opinions but to see how as a team we would have to agree on a consensus for a situation where we were an ethics committee. I think that we did well discussing but sometimes the situation is not as easy as we think and can take months of debate to come back with an answer. I can utilize the material learned by knowing that I can suggest the ethics committee when a situation does not seem right and with discussion with my manager I can voice my concerns and why I think it should go to the ethics committee. Knowing our resources in nursing is important.

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